How are we Rolling?

The doors are all closed with ever rising COVID-19 pandemic. But, it is important to remember that the laws of nature always ensure that when one door closes, another opens. So, how are we (Alpas Technology) dealing with this crisis situation, and why our clients don't need to worry about their lovely products getting delivered on time?

Crisis is an unpredictable situation and it can happen at any time, and companies should respond as quickly as possible when the crisis occurs. Being an IT company from Nepal, we were proactively able to manage everything quickly in this time of crisis, since it is our duty to connect, build trust, and instill credibility within our team and our valuable clients in any given situation. We cracked a quick solution on this crisis using our experience of dealing with critical situations along with other hard earned skills like problem solving, effective management and leadership.

So, how we stopped making excuses, and started doing it?!!

unsplash-logo Fab Lentz

We already have :

  • Highly Motivated and Energetic Team Members
  • Flexible Team
  • Laptop / Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • A Cup of Coffee

Therefore, the other things needed were :

  • Zoom installed (Heart full of Thanks to Zoom!!)
  • JIRA as one of the PM tool for Task Breakdown and Listing
  • Slack as the best communication tool
  • Reminders set for the meeting

The Days:

  • Wake Up
  • Get reminded from Google Calendar about the time remaining for Daily Standup Meeting at 10:00 AM (From the day we started our company, we never missed it!!)
  • Run ZOOM, and get ready
  • Slack for any quick writings
  • Start Daily Standup Meeting exactly at 10:00 AM SHARP in Zoom
  • Discuss “what we did yesterday”, “what are we going to do today”, “any impediments?”
  • Quickly run through the JIRA board and set daily tasks and goals
  • Close the meeting with Great Thanks and wishing peak health to all the team members
  • CODE!!
  • 1Communicate on Slack for the updates
  • 1Post "what we accomplished today" at the end of the day on Slack

The Result:

  • Satisfied customer with early and continuous delivery of valuable product even in crisis
  • Delivery of working software at the end of each sprint
  • Team members working together daily throughout the overall process
  • Daily conversation with the team members even though we are working from home
  • A constant pace in delivery of project
  • Continuous attention to technical excellence

Working from home to us so far has been going all good, but we realized that Alpas is missing the spices that were present while working inside the office. We realized that the process of planning the project is ineffective while working from home. The poor internet connection adds a new problem while having conversation among team members. The online face-to-face communication can never replace a real face-to-face communication between the team members.

This crisis is obviously shaking up our lives a little bit. Alpas is surely missing the pure waves of team members inside an office, and is waiting for this crisis to end soon.