Cobweb Nepal Case Study

Cobweb Nepal is one of the best hard rock band from Nepal since early 90's and still on the phase of rocking.

Cobweb Nepal website designed & developed by Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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Client: Cobweb Nepal

Services: Website Design & Development, UI/UX

Category: Music


Cobweb Nepal is one of the best rock and roll band from Nepal formed in 1992 AD. In order to build a good web presence and a web portfolio, a band website is designed and developed. A website to portray related information about the band including History making Cobweb Albums, Discography, Gallery, and Upcoming Events is designed and developed.

Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. is known for one of the best IT company for designing and developing websites in Kathmandu, Nepal. With a strategy to give required information about the band, and make a good web presence, a website is designed and developed. With this website, the fans and respective users can easily get updates about the band's new releases, upcoming events, band's info, gallery, and many more. The fans will also be able to make an online purchase of updated band merchandises in coming future.

Cobweb Nepal Band

Cobweb Nepal Website Home Screen designed and developed by Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. Kathmandu, Nepal.
Cobweb Nepal Logo and Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. Kathmandu, Nepal.


Cobweb Nepal website is built by Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd., which includes an UI/UX designs, Website, Responsive Site, and Web Application.

The backend of this site is built in PHP Laravel Framework. The backend side (admin portal) helps admin to push the contents for front end side, including viewing the list of contacts, upload album and song details, upload events & tours with details,update gallery images, band merchandise and many more.

The mind-mapping (rough project flow) was done at first. After mind-mapping for Cobweb Nepal Band, the project scoping was confirmed, the wireframes were done on pappers. The designs were then reflected with the use of sketchup tool. A proper process was followed as mentioned in 10 things that we do before designing and developing a website . Among Best Communication Tools for Workplace, Slack was used for the overall communication process within the team members.

The designs after getting locked down, the user stories were written for the overall project. JIRA was used as Best Project Management Tools for IT Projects. The project backlogs were created on a JIRA board separated with Epics, User Stories, & Acceptance criteria. The user story points were noted, sprints were planned, and perfectly shippable product was delivered in each sprint.

The final product was released after all the user stories were completed on project backlog.

This site is designed and developed by Alpas Technology, the best IT company based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Cobweb Nepal Mindmap, desinged and developed by Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. Kathmandu, Nepal.


The designs are done using Sketchup tool. The color pallets were choosen with given style guides. Below are the color assets & fonts used in the project.

Black & Grey








Primary font - Barlow Condensed

The font used by Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. Kathmandu, Nepal for Cobweb Nepal website design and development.
Cobweb Nepal band picture includes Dives Mulmi, Nilesh Joshi, Siddhart Dhakhwa, Sanjay Aryan, and Srijan Bikram Gewali.