KTM Haatbazar

K.T.M Haat Bazar is a concept which is built to make a commercial business more efficient and easy in Nepal market place. With wide range of varieties of products, K.T.M Haat Bazar offers numbers of different products and holds a wide range of target customers too.

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Client: KTM Haatbazar

Services: Website Design & Development, UI/UX

Category: Entrepreneurs, E-Commerce


There are varieties of products and items that can be delivered to end customers through different ways. E-commerce is obviously one of the best solutions to deliver those items to an end customers. K.T.M Haat Bazar planned to develop and design an e-commerce website, with a target to deliver and offer different varieties of products through an online platform.

Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. is famously known for one of the best websites development and design company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. With a strategy to build a website, Alpas Technology is building an e-commerce website to K.T.M Haat Bazar, through which, customers will be able to select product, add to cart, and fill out delivering addresses and forms. The end customers and K.T.M Haat Bazar will get an email regarding required products to the end customers. All through a single website designed and developed by the company.

KTM Haatbazar

Landing Page 1 of KTM Haatbazaar website | Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. Kathmandu, Nepal.


This website is built in Wordpress using Woo-Commerce. This is an e-commerce site where users can view the list of products that KTM Haatbazar offers, and order those products with ease.

KTM Haatbazar is designed and developed by Alpas Technology, the best IT company based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

KTM Haatbazaar Logo | Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. Kathmandu, Nepal.