Problem and Opportunity

CRISIS defines two words: Problem on one side, and Opportunity to the other. There are many ways to explain why COVID-19 is a major Problem that is impacting each and every individual's life on this heavenly planet. But, only few can explain how this crisis can be taken as an opportunity.

The "Lockdown Waste-Down" contest Day- 2

"Humbled by the number of responses we got and the creativity shown by the people who have made waste into beautiful crafts." - Rajan Chakradhar, Co-Founder, Upcycle Nepal- Revive.

Upcycle Nepal Revive logo

Many organizations are dealing differently on this Pandemic situation. The contest being organized by Upcycle Nepal, most of the Facebook walls and Instagram feeds are filled with beautiful, creative, and awesome inventions done from waste materials. Toy Cars, airplanes, diyo base made from CD and toothpaste box wastes, wall hangings made from waste newspapers, bags made from jeans, decors from beer bottles, vegetable garden from waste plastic bottles, and many more. These all can be found at Upcycle Nepal ‘s instagram feeds.

Isn't this amazing?

The second day on the COVID-19 "Lockdown Waste-Down" contest organized by Upcycle Nepal - an entrepreneurial firm from Nepal along with Rotaract Club of Patan West, and Leo Club of Margadarshan.

Pictures of DIY sent by all the participants in Lockdown waste down competition organized by Upcycle Nepal, and Promotional Partner Alpas Technology

What will the winners get?

There will be 3 winners in each categories. There are exciting prizes for all the winners. Go To "Lockdown, Waste-Down" contest detail page to know more!!


Love and Supports

This contest is made more interesting being backed up by entrepreneurial firms, companies, and organizations. Winners are obviously getting a whole lot of exciting prizes , and nature with no wastes.

This contest is made more engaging with beautiful support from an awesome music artist- Kengal Mehar Shrestha.

Take all the wastes, be creative, & save nature.

Where to contact for more details?


Direct Message: Upcycle Nepal

This contest is proudly promoted by Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd.