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Responsive websites and web appications designed and developed by Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. for Music Bands and Artists. An IT company based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Cobweb Nepal

Cobweb Nepal is one of the best rock and roll band from Nepal formed in 1992 AD. In order to build a good web presence and a web portfolio, a band website is designed and developed. A website to portray related information about the band including History making Cobweb Albums, Discography, Gallery, and Upcoming Events is designed and developed.

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The Zenith Band

The Zenith Band is one of the pioneer rock band in Nepal. The band took a first step in Nepali music industry in 1994, evolved from the “Heart of Patan-Sundhara Lalitpur”. After couple of years of gap in the field, Zenith Band revived after a decade and needed to dive into the musical industry again in Nepal, and was seeking for a digital presence in the market.

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Monkey Temple

Monkey Temple is the first alternative Nepali rock music band, formed in 1998, and getting featured on MTV South Asia. The band recently launched an album “Ajabmari” in a very different way, meaning cutting off the technology of launching albums through CD’s. The new way of launching an album through an official website made fans much easier to follow up with the band.

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