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Founded in September of 2018 and based in Lalitpur, Nepal, Alpas Technology is an IT company with a vision to help entrepreneurs, business and small firms grow with the integration of a variety of application and platforms. Alpas Technology, an IT company based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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At Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. we hold one vision to every client. The tagline of our company as “We Help, You Grow” explains a lot about how we are successful in providing the best technical solutions helping our clients create a growing curve. We are a team of experienced UI/UX designers, web developers, android developers, iOS developers, quality assurance, digital marketers, and managers upholding the highest standards for planning, executing, and operating the overall project on-time and on-budget. Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. keeps promises with the clients for delivering perfectly shippable products under aggressive deadlines with dedicated support, and maintenance.

Our Services

Building a product from the ground up or enhancing an existing system? Here are the areas of expertise in which our teams deliver.


Translating vision to product

Identifying the right opportunities is key to long-term success. Our teams collaborate to deliver the strategy, the design, and the actual implementation of the complete project. This results in powerful digital solutions that benefit both businesses and customers.

Technology in the service of customers

Users are at the centre of everything we do. We take time to understand their needs, wants and challenges. Our speciality is building solutions that offer utility, deliver value, and empower people to accomplish their goals.

All business are digital

Technology plays a major role in solving today’s business challenges. We partner with companies that want to stay competitive in a global marketplace, adopt a digital mindset, and embrave the transformative powers of technology.

Detangling complexity

We look at the bigger picture. Addressing three key areas, we agree on the common vision, define the products purpose, and set expectations for the project.


Technology everyone can use

A well-designed product has a clear purpose, it’s intuitive and inherently simple. Experiences we craft are refined and tested to deliver value to their intended users.

01 - Discover

We learn as we go. The more we know, the better we get at addressing user’s needs.

02 - Design

Prioritizing features critical for success, we focus on functionality, behavior, and information architecture.

03 - Test

We continuously test, iterate and validate our designs by including the end users.

04 - Polish

Our main goal is eliminating friction and making every interaction enjoyable.

More than the eye meets

Well-crafted user experiences are achieved by applying a multidisciplinary approach throughout the process.


Software that performs

Modernizing legacy systems or creating a product from the ground up? We help companies define their tech stack, architecture, and infrastructure to stand the test of time.

• Mobile

We learn as we go. The more we know, the better we get at addressing user’s needs.

01 - Web Apps

Prioritizing features critical for success, we focus on functionality, behavior, and information architecture.

02 - Quality Assurance

We continuously test, iterate and validate our designs by including the end users.

03 - Infrastructure

Our main goal is eliminating friction and making every interaction enjoyable.

Heavy-lifting and low-maintenance

Every digital product needs to be robust and able to handle high traffic scenarios. We’ve accomplished that in 100+ products sipped - here’s how.

01 - Clean means maintainable

Clean code is easily understandable to other developers. Minor tweaks or significant updates, maintainable codebase is a healthy codebase.

02 - Battle-tested, not hype-driven

Every year brings new game-changing technology. We do our own research and build products using tech that’s proven and tested in real-life scenarios.

03 - Infrastructure matters

Based on the product’s needs, we conduct complete system audits and implement secure, yet cost-effective solutions in the cloud.

04 - Responsible trade-offs

Sometimes a compromise is needed to meet deadlines. We help clients decide when to make such trade-offs and plan for later code optimization.


Product launch is just the beginning

After a successful launch, we continue making sure our clients are getting their money’s worth. By relying on data, we drive decisions towards maximizing conversion and retention.

01 - Identifying high-impact opportunities -

Growing a digital product is all about identifying opportunities, testing, extracting learnings, and applying those learnings in a loop.

02 - Marketing without data is a shot in the dark

Over 21% of the average marketing budget is wasted due to bad data. Objective data is critical in making the right decisions to drive long-term growth.

03 - Growing and scaling products successfully

Usings product analytics tools, we can assess the performance of digital experiences we’re building, diagnose problems, and correlate customer activity with long-term value.

04 - Measuring a digital product’s performance

We approach user behaviour analysis with the proven AARRR framework. We systematically measure and optimize each phase of the user journey.

05 - Saving countless hours of engineering time

Data analytics reveal usage, patterns and whether users are finding the product or feature valuable. This is the foundation for better decision-making.

Our Vision &

The vision statement of the company is to provide best IT services for entrepreneurs, business firms, and organizations while helping them to grow and gain competitive advantage with the digital platform in the digital age.
The mission statement of the company is to deliver the best and quality services to our client and acquire customer's confidence with superior customer support and optimum utilization of the resources. Create an environment of the continuous and iterative learning process, encourage creativity, and flexible organizational culture.

Alpas Visionaries

The best team ever!

Er. Yujesh Maleku

Executive Officer & Project Manager

Er. Subodh Rajbhandari

Co-Founder & Sr. QA Engineer

Naren Maharjan

Co-Founder & Technical Lead

Aswini Verma

Co-Founder & Sr. Android Developer

Chandan Chaurasia


Skysun Karmacharya

Business Project Manager, New-Zealand

Er. Saman Kapali

Sr. QA Engineer

Rikesh Bajracharya

Sr. Web Developer

Saugat Siwakoti

Software Engineer

Bishal Shrestha

Angular Developer

Kribas Rimal

React Intern

Anisha Maharjan

QA Engineer

Shiva Giri

React Developer

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