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We are a team of experienced UI/UX designers, software engineers, quality assurance, and managers upholding the highest standards for planning, executing, operating, and delivering the web and mobile applications on-time and on- budget. Alpas Technology, software design and development agency based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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Back in 2018, Alpas Technology was founded in Nepal by IT Experts and Digital Consultants with national and international experiences with a vision to support entrepreneurs, SMEs, businesses, government bodies and firms grow with the implementation, design and development of website, software and applications. We are a team of experienced UI/UX designers, web developers, android developers, iOS developers, quality assurance, digital marketers, and managers upholding the highest standards for planning, executing, and operating the overall project on-time and on-budget. We are renowned for delivering perfectly shippable products under aggressive deadlines with dedicated support, and maintenance.

Building Digital Products

Building a product from the ground up or enhancing an existing system? Here are the areas of expertise in which our teams deliver.

We partner or work together with businesses and individuals who understand the value of technology. We transpose, picture, and magnify the business model to grow.


the starting point

Building actionable product

Long-term success depends on identifying the right opportunities. Together with our clients, we deliver the strategy, design, and build actionable product. As a result, benefits customers and organizations from an effective powerful digital solution.

Technology in the service

Identifying the end users is the first thing we do. We invest proper time to understand their actual problems, needs, and wants. And, come up with valuable solution that enable end users to achieve their objectives and accomplish their goals.

Simplify business with tech

Technology plays a key role in today's business challenges. We collaborate with companies that aim to be competitive in global market, adapt digital change, and harness the transformative power of technology.

Reduce complexity

Our aim is always to build a system that is user-friendly. We evaluate the existing workflow and processes, and build a system that can work with productivity and positively impact efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.


make it visible


Empathy is a crucial to human-centered design process. We gain an empathetic understanding of the problem our client is trying to solve, typically through user research.


We analyze the observations and blend them to define core problems our clients have. We create personas, and state the actual needs and problems to keep human centered design before proceeding to ideation.


We view the problem and identify innovative solutions to the problem we identified. Simply, brainstorm.


An inexpensive, scaled-down version of the product is designed with an aim to identify the best possible solution for the problems identified.


We try out our solutions and prototypes with closed team members or clients before we begin developing the actual product.


closet thing to magic

Mobile application

Designing and developing the native and cross-platform mobile applications for both android and iOS.

Web application

Designing and developing fully functional web applications in different platforms.

Quality assurance

We deliver, and define the quality of an application your business desires.

Project management

Leading team to achieve your project goals within the given reasonable constraints.


whole world is a garden

Spot a golden chance

Designing and building a digital application is about spotting the right opportunities, test, learn, and get on the loop.

Marketing with open eyes

Marketing without data is like driving with eyes closed. Therefore, data it is. We design and build an information system full of data and information that helps you market with data and dive with open eyes.

Expand with market's needs

Integrating the analytical tools, information systems that we design, our client can determine the performance of an application, identify deeply the market needs and usages and expand according to the needs.

Automate tasks

Automating tasks, standardize business processes with technology will help as you build and grow your team. This will make scaling process smoother.


To provide prominent service in mobile and web application design & development.


- Deliver the best and quality services to humankind and acquire customer’s confidence with superior customer support.

- Create an environment of the continuous and iterative learning process, encourage creativity, and flexible organizational culture.

- To provide innovative, cost-effective, and reliable software solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals.

- We are here for you.


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every digital product needs to be robust and able to handle high traffic scenarios. We’ve accomplished that in 100+ products shipped - here’s how:


whole world is a garden

01_Cleaning & keeping it simple!

Most systems work best if they are kept clean and simple. Clean code means the actual codes that are easily understandable, re-writable, readable, and maintainable.

02_Up with the trends

New technologies are encountered each day. We keep ourselves updated on the tech we use to design and develop an application.

03_Empowering push and pull

We are strong believers in pull requests and pair programming. It helps us prevent issues, improve codebases, and share knowledge.

04_Bugs auto-detect

We use Continuous Integration and automatic tests. This speeds up product development and gives us and our clients peace of mind.

05_Infrastructure matters

Based on the product’s needs, we conduct complete system audits and implement secure, yet cost-effective solutions in the cloud.

06_Responsible trade-offs

Sometimes a compromise is needed to meet deadlines. We help clients decide when to make such trade-offs and plan for later code optimization.

Alpas Visionaries

The best team ever!

Founder of Alpas

Er. Yujesh Maleku

Chief Managing Director

Founder of Alpas

Er. Subodh Rajbhandari

Chief Product Owner

Founder of Alpas

Naren Maharjan

Chief Technology Officer

Founder of Alpas

Aswini Verma

Chief Information Officer

Business Development Manager at Alpas

Diggaj Upadhyay

Business Development Manager

Advisor at Alpas

Chandan Chaurasia


Sr. Python Developer at Alpas

Bimal Pandey

Sr. Python Developer

Frontend Developer at Alpas

Shreejan Shakya

Software Engineer

Quality Assurance at Alpas

Nirveek Tamrakar

QA Engineer

Flutter Developer at Alpas

Prashanna GC

Flutter Developer

Flutter Developer at Alpas

Prasanna Poudel

Flutter Developer

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