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LMC Alert mobile application is designed and developed for Lalitpur Metropolitan City office by Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. With this application, users can easily send an alert notification instantly to Lalitpur Metropolitan City Police Office. Users can either choose to send an alert with or without adding contact number. All will be set anonymous. But remember, sending a fake contact number is taken a serious offense and may subject you to an action.

Our Product

A step towards digitizing Nepal

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Alpas Technology

Back in 2018, Alpas Technology was founded in Nepal by IT Experts and Digital Consultants with national and international experiences with a vision to support entrepreneurs, SMEs, businesses, government bodies and firms grow with the implementation, design and development of website, software and applications.

Alpas Technology
Software design and development agency in Nepal


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Charting Unknown Territory

Qualitative Research

Digging deep into the user psyche!

Quantitative Reseach

Let the numbers speak!

Competitor Analysis

Know your competitors!

Usability Testing

Observe of real users interacts!

Ethnographic Research

Study user needs in their environment!


Mapping Course of Action

Design Thinking

Get interactive human centered design approach!

Growth Stragety

Capture your market!

Product Roadmap

Map out the product features!

Data Visualization

Observe trends!

User Engagement

Strategy for enhanced customer engagement!


Breathing Life into Plans

User Interface

Delight and engage users!

Journey Maps and Use Cases

Real time mapping of your users!

Information Architecture

Map out the features from every edge!

Rapid Prototyping

Mock up, test and learn!

Motion and Animations

Add up some spices!

Illustration & Iconography

Identify the final product!


Coding your product


Give your business a good web presence!

Web Application

Manage your site through a web portal!

Mobile Application

Your idea inside mobile devices!


Ease your business!

Digital Marketing

Reach out to more customers on web!

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Getting Results Through
Design Thinking!

Airbnb transformed from a failing startup to a billion dollar business.
In order to understand different markets and how your product fits into the real world, you constantly should immerse in the place where our target customers live. Empathy, is what it is.

Empathise - with your users
Define - user's needs, their problems, and your insights
Ideate - for innovative solution
Prototype - to start drawing solutions
Test - product or service

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Design, UI/UX

Strong user experience arranges all your information and interactions in a way that is pleasing to the customers. And yes, when the UX of your site or app is good, chances are your customers or audiences will stick around and become your loyal customers. Do you think that playing two different types of music in the same hall at your party would make your guests feel enjoyable?

Mobile App , Design

Have you ever thought about how much revenue you generate from your mobile application? The answer here actually depends on different factors like platform you choose, to monetization, to category.

eCommerce, Business

Convenient shopping experience is a hot cake as consumers demand it. The pandemic on the other side still continues to affect the business, and thus even small businesses and entrepreneurial firms are turning to eCommerce solutions.

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