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Digital Citizen Charter
A step towards digitizing Nepal

A Digital Touch Device

Digital Touch Device is an Interactive Touch Terminal Computer System which can be used in different workplaces and organizations including showrooms, hotels and restaurants, airport, schools and colleges, and government offices.

Why Digital Touch Device?

With Digital Touch Device, user can easily touch and interact to gain an information. An integration of a customized software with digital touch device will help businesses and organizations provide a proper customer service and also a competitive advantage for an organization.

Digital Citizen Charter

A digital citizen charter is a complete citizen charter software in digital touch device. Digital citizen charter helps providing information to the people in an interactive way.
This interactive hardware and software solution includes a complete citizen charter.

Digital Citizen Charter at Lalitpur Municipality, Ward 05

Step Towards Digitizing Nepal

Digital Citizen Charter is an information solution to provide information in an interactive way to the citizens.

Digital Citizen Charter at Lalitpur Municipality, Ward 01

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