Convenient shopping experience is a hot cake as consumers demand it. The pandemic on the other side still continues to affect the business, and thus even small businesses and entrepreneurial firms are turning to eCommerce solutions.

So here are some of the eCommerce Tips for Nepali businesses.

1. Use Social Media to Promote Locally

Your target customers are likely present on social media, and are using it to find products and services. Most of the major platforms like instagram and facebook offer geotagging and location check-ins, and you would be foolish to pass up on local advertising opportunities. You can simply use these features in social media platforms for your ecommerce businesses. Tag your post with your location, even if you are promoting your eCommerce site. If you are going local, it is good to add phrases like “online in Pokhara, Nepal”, or “Find in Kathmandu, Nepal”, etc. With this way, it is more likely to cultivate trust with your audience and give them a sense through these posts that your eCommerce business is convenient and is always nearby them. Geotagged posts tend to show up higher on people’s feeds.

2. Leverage Social Proof

Rates and reviews are the top most things that eCommerce businesses forget the most, while it comes to posting it on social media. Not just your products, but your reviews are important too. When you are selling online, you really cannot have enough social proof for your business. Consumers highly rely on reviews and other customer’s experiences before making a purchase decision. Therefore, without being able to examine a product in-person, it is nearly sure that your customer is not going to make a purchase decision. So, don’t leave it up to chance: place reviews, rates, or testimonials right on your product pages, and proudly show your social proof throughout the sales funnel to make people more comfortable in making a purchase decision through your portal.

3. Digital Rewards, a Strategy

In Nepal, local businesses have been rewarding directly or indirectly to regular customers. May it be a personal discount, buy-two-get-one free types, or giving discounts on bringing more customers to their platform, local businesses are doing it right. By converting these programs into digital rewards systems, yes you can help capture a broader audience and encourage your regular customers to shop more on your online platform. Give a shot and run a referral program in which customers get a discount for sharing your business on their social platforms. Yes, you can obviously send them manual discount vouchers / codes through your official marketing emails.


It all comes with a combination of clever strategies, local relevant social posts, and a good web presence is always a cherry on top to expand your customer base. Customers will be more likely to shop with you if they believe in your platform, and can make easy purchases with comfort (may be through their smartphone or a laptop). Everyone can go online these days, so don’t pass up an opportunity for more sales!

If you need any help to expand your eCommerce business through different mediums, or launching an online store, the eCommerce experts at Alpas Technology are always here to help. Reach out to us.