In this blog, we will be covering what UX is, how UX help your business succeed, and how we (At Alpas Technology) create good UX.

Let’s not jump straight to the topic. You might have heard about “UX”, and never had known about what it actually is.

Imagine you are organizing a grand party at your home. To make sure that everything goes smooth and fine, and to make your guests feel comfortable, you need to plan the experiences from start to finish. Yes, you think about the type of guests you are inviting, their age, activities, dietary restrictions (gluten free diet, and no-sugar drinks?), and many more.

So, you might be thinking how organizing a party resembles UX. UX, or user experience, just like organizing a party, is about paying attention to all the details so that you can create good and enjoyable site or app experiences for your target audiences.

Yes, first it is important to communicate about your products and services and what you want them to do (click a “buy now” button?). But on the other side, it is also equally important for us to think about how online and app experiences are making the audiences / customers feel good. Are you rushing for your customers to click a “buy now” button, or are you confusing them by providing varieties of options at your party (A rock music, and classical folk music playing together at the same hall?).

Strong user experience arranges all your information and interactions in a way that is pleasing to the customers. And yes, when the UX of your site or app is good, chances are your customers or audiences will stick around and become your loyal customers. Do you think that playing two different types of music in the same hall at your party would make your guests feel enjoyable?

You need to fit into your customer’s shoes. Think about the actions you would want to take on your site or an app, write all these actions on a separate list; which could be: find information, watch videos, make comments, click on the “buy now” button, or purchase a product or service without registering on your site or app. Arrange these actions according to the order that your customers would do. And, this is where “USER FLOW” comes into picture.

When your customers land into your site or app for the first time, you might want them to feel welcomed, excited, curious, satisfied, and happy. Let’s say you are targeting customers who are rock band fans. You’d probably use click sounds, use concert pictures, and use neon colors in your site or app.

Yes, at Alpas, we do all these for your idea or your business. Starting just like organizing a party, we start with understanding your customers, sketch out what each page of your app or site should look like, and apply call-to-action on relatable sections. Different testings are done by our experts on your site or app so that it can help you reach out to your wide audiences.

An equal effort is needed whether you organize a grand party or want to reflect your idea on site or an app. We help you to get your audiences and customers stick with your business.

To design a perfect UX for your idea or a business, contact Alpas Technology.

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