Building a website for the first time?

Here are the top 10 things that one must understand how we build a website.

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Getting done something completely differently, professionally, innovatively, and with full potential takes time and a good amount of planning as well.

With the growing number of IT companies building a website at low price means, you are missing out something great while getting it done. Here we have listed the top 10 things that Alpas Technology does before building a website for you.

1. Aim to Build Website

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What is the main aim of your site would be the first question. Is it just to let people know about your business, make a web presence, and make people get connected with you easily? Is it to sell your products through websites? Or, is it to showcase your creative works? There must be a clear answer to what your aim is for developing a website with Alpas Technology, a software design and development agency based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

2. Understand Environment & Know Target Group

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We meet, talk, observe and understand users in their environment. We analyze your requirements in detail and clarify them. We always make sure that your target market is clearly defined as it will affect a website theme, design, content, usability, networking efforts, choosing a domain, and SEO too. Then we define user personas, use cases, and create user flows for you.

3. Research

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We go through the other websites in your field. Research on competitor's approach is a must. Therefore, we research similar features, analyze the latest UI/UX trends, design principles and rules. In this step, we come up with a bunch of ideas and materials on which you can build your website.

4. Generate Ideas & Sketch

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In this step, we generate ideas and work on basic sketches on your website. The brainstorming sessions with team members to keep the feedback from a technical perspective will be done. We re-draw sketches and re-test them with you to confirm if it meets your requirements. Till this, we will have basic sketches, wireframes, and mockups, and user flows for your website.

5. Design Layouts

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Now we design images, define a final theme, specifications, and guidelines required for you. The icons will be designed, and respective feedbacks will be taken from you to make sure that we meet each every requirement to build a website for you. Till now, we will have design images, theme style guidelines, and required assets for your website.

6. Create Logo

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Logo ensures your brand to be recognizable, and hence we 100% recommend to create it. We are perfectly good at creating logos as well. In this phase, our professional logo designer will be allocated according to your request for designing a perfect logo for your website.

7. Plan & Create Pages

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What is the main thing that you would like to communicate with your visitors through your website? What keeps visitors attached to the website, and keep them engaged in it? What are the pages that you need to create to achieve attention from the visitors effectively? All these will be planned perfectly in this phase.

8. SEO

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will play a key role to make your website relevant to the things that people are searching for and attracting key target groups to the website. The search terms as defined in the understanding environment and knowing the target groups will be used to analyze the key search terms and keywords your audience is likely to be typing into Google. Alpas Technology will do it for you upon your request.

9. Get Contents Ready

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The contents that you want to place on the websites along with the images will be prepared for you. We make contents ready for the website and ensure it is written and ready to hand off for development. Doing this will ensure the purpose of a page before it can be designed and developed.

10. Set Deadline & Deliver

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Website design and development takes a good amount of time and effort. It does not happen overnight. After all the above points are locked down and collected, the next step is to set a deadline for developing and delivering a website for you. The weekly targets will be set for completing a certain portion of your website and will be shipped to you to collect feedback from you.

In all these processes, we choose the best communication tool and project management tool to deliver a perfect website for you.