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Aware Nepal

Aware Nepal

Aware Nepal

Aware Nepal is a non-profit organization established with an aim to create a platform for those people who want to explore various aspects of life. An organization is aiming to train & develop skills in people, especially the one with different health condition, housewives, and students that can help to fulfill the smallest desire of life.

  • CLIENT: Sujata Dulal
  • SERVICES: Website Design & Development, UI/UX
  • CATEGORY: Non-Profits

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The Story

Aware Nepal is a team of people diagnosed with epilepsy who are raising awareness programs on different health issues. The organization is helping those people and empowering them to be more self-reliant and independent irrespective of their health condition. The organization is also working to conduct awareness program on different sectors of Nepal and spread the message of various taboo related diseases.

Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd., known to be the best website design and development company based in Kathmandu, Nepal, got a chance to work with Aware Nepal. The website is designed and developed for an organization, where people can view about Aware Nepal organization, different videos, events, and blogs / stories too. The products developed by the Aware Nepal team are also available in the website.