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Upcycle Nepal- Revive

Upcycle Nepal- Revive

Upcycle Nepal- Revive

Upcycle Nepal (Revive) is an entrepreneurial firm which converts old, used clothing material, along with pre-consumer and post-industrial fabrics into utility products. The firm is creating a leading position in the market. In order to sell products through online portal, and a good presence in web, an ecommerce website was designed & developed.

  • CLIENT: Upcycle Nepal
  • SERVICES: Website Design & Development, UI/UX
  • CATEGORY: E-Commerce, Entrepreneurs

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The Story

Upcycle Nepal (Revive) is well known for upcycling unused fabric materials into utility products as per customer’s demand. The major aim of this product is to create an awareness of helping environment to stay clean with unused fabric wastes. The chosen way is to spread an awareness through social media, and a good web presence.

Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd. is well known as one of the best website design and development company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Alpas Technology developed website for Upcycle Nepal (Revive), where people can donate fabrics, or make an order to the products that are listed by Upcycle Nepal (Revive).

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