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Participate in this event and play a crucial role in saving environment

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The "Lockdown, Waste-Down" contest

We are in the middle of a crisis that is impacting each one of us. With full hope that you are doing what is necessary to stay safe, Upcycle Nepal - an entrepreneurial firm from Nepal along with Rotaract Club of Patan West , and Leo Club of Margadarshan is organizing a contest that encourages people to be creative, manage waste, and win exciting prizes too.

So, how we stopped making excuses, and started doing it?!!

"Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way."
- Edward de Bono

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Anyone can easily participate in this contest themed as “ Lockdown, Waste Down ” . The main objective of this contest is to encourage people to REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE WASTE in CREATIVE WAYS .

The event have two Categories in the competition:

1. DIY Crafts:

You need to send DIY crafts made from waste materials

2. Waste Management - My Way of Life:

You need to send how you practice good waste management techniques as a part of your daily life

You can send:

1. Photo:

Only one photo per submission

2. Video:

Video should not exceed 1 minute

Where to send:

Email along with your Name and Phone number (multiple entries from the same person is acceptable)

People vector created by -

Judgement Criteria:

Winner will be declared based upon judgement of Mr. Nabin Bikash Maharjan, CEO of Blue Waste to Value and the number of likes in Facebook and Instagram. Entries will be accepted up to 11th of April, 2020, and the voting will be accepted up to 14th April 12:00 noon.

What will the winners get?

There will be 3 winners in each categories. There are exciting prizes for all the winners. Stay tuned on Upcycle Nepal Page to know more!!


So what will you achieve by participating in this event?

It’s not about winning or just participating. Each participant will be a winner in their own way because all of them will play a small yet significant role in saving the environment. Participating in this event means you are practicing healthy ways to manage wastes, and also contributing to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste in creative ways. Besides these, you are also getting exciting prizes if you win.

Whether you win or lose, you get something, obviously.

This contest is backed up by entrepreneurial firms:

  • Kalpabrikchhya - Famous Titaura (hog-plum based sweet, sour & spicybites) pickles and Nepali food making entrepreneurial firm. Winners are getting 2 packets of spicy-tangy titaura from Kalpabrikchhya.
  • Chaur Recreational Center - Chaur Recreational Center- Best futsal service in town. Two of the winners are getting a futsal coupon at Chaur Recreation Center.
  • Nuga - Perfect Hand-made and Natural Personal Care Products; made of completely edible goods. Three winners will receive personal care products from Nuga.
  • Sweet Fix - Serving handcrafted popsicles made with real fruit and natural ingredients. One of the winners will receive a Rs. 500 worth coupon from Sweet Fix.
  • Naagiko Honey - Marvelous mountain honey produced at Silinge, Makwanpur. It is produced purely using nectar of wild tree - Chuiri, at the top of hill. Three of the winners are getting honey from Naagiko Honey.
  • Custom R Us - Nepal’s first platform to make your own cool Custom Designs. Stand out from the crowd or be square! Custom R Us deals in all kind of printing. One of the winners is getting a T-shirt and pop-sockets from Custom R Us.
  • Kala Kusha - Manifesting your Dreams with Art, providing art for the community, increasing access and providing innovative art experiences. Winners are getting keyrings from Kala Kusha.
  • Tyre Treasures - An awesome Refined and aesthetic furniture and decor items made by upcycling discarded tyres. Two of the winners are getting beautiful twinkle lights and discount coupons too.
  • Samjhana Laboratory Clinic - Samjhana Lab is one of the leading clinical diagnostic centers situated in Mangalbazar, Lalitpur with a mission of accurate diagnosis for better treatment at an affordable price. They offer a large range of tests with upgraded technology since 40 years.All of the winners will be gifted with 20% discount on whole body checkup package, which is equivalent to Rs. 4000/-
  • Upcycle Nepal - an entrepreneurial firm that upcycle your unused and used fabric materials to turn them into utility products as per your requirement. The winners of this competition will receive upcycled bags and products from Revive.

Lots of Prizes right?
Why don’t you Start Doing it !!

Where to contact for more details?

Direct Message: Upcycle Nepal

This contest is proudly promoted by Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd.